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Canada Immigration Solutions from Campbell Cohen

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The Law Firm of Campbell Cohen is proud to announce the fresh new face of, focused on providing solutions to Canadian immigration concerns.

With a finger on the pulse of our clients’ immigration needs, we’ve recreated as a centre for Canadian immigration solutions, to empower website visitors with the information and tools they need to ease the immigration process and to get to Canada sooner than expected.

The new Your Concerns – Our Solutions feature clearly demonstrates Campbell Cohen’s commitment to improving your Canadian immigration application process. Our clients have highlighted finding work in Canada and the long application processing times as their most crucial concerns about immigrating to Canada. We recognize that the ‘one size fits all approach’ no longer applies – there are different routes to Canadian Permanent Residency and different ways to speed up the process.

Finding Work in Canada…. has turned this immigration concern on its head and has made finding work in Canada a solution. The benefits of finding employment in Canada go far beyond laying the foundations for your new life in Canada. A Canadian job offer will move most applications to the head of the processing queue so that you can start your work and your life in Canada as soon as possible.

Over 50,000 Canadian job postings go unfilled every day.’s free Job Search Tool brings these opportunities to your fingertips. This easy-to-use Job Search Tool combines real-time job postings and employer contact information from numerous Canadian government and private sector job search engines, offering you a vast array of possibilities.

As your Canadian immigration representative, Campbell Cohen will communicate with those Canadian employers who express interest in hiring you and will explain the relatively simple process of hiring talent from outside Canada.

….Will Decrease Processing Times

No matter how you go about it, a Canadian job offer can only benefit your Canadian Immigration application. provides in-depth explanations about how Arranged Employment, Provincial Nomination, and a Work Permit can get you to Canada in a fraction of the time you would wait without a Canadian job offer. More information about these options is available at Fast-track your Canada Immigration Visa Application.’s makeover was inspired by our clients and will remain a dynamic and responsive website with continuously updated content. Post your Canadian immigration concern or question today to help us ensure that remains in tune with the needs of our clients and visitors.


If you are currently in the process of immigrating to Canada, Campbell Cohen encourages you to use the tools and resources on the new to get priority processing for your application and to avoid the frustration of lengthy processing times.

If you are considering immigration to Canada, we encourage you to submit your application for Canadian Permanent Residency and get the ball rolling. With application processing times as they are, it is important to get your application in the queue to avoid delay. Once you’re in the processing queue,’s tools and Campbell Cohen’s services are available to help you expedite the process. A submitted application is evidence to potential employers that you are committed to Canada.

If you are already in Canada, Campbell Cohen encourages you to use our Job Search Tool for an extensive list of potential Canadian employers who are currently hiring. Whether you’re in search of your first Canadian job or you are in the market to further your career, you will find a solid base of reputable Canadian employers.

In 1995, Campbell Cohen was the first Canadian law firm to offer a full-range of Canadian immigration services over the internet. Today, we are the first to offer you our free Canada Job Search Tool. We are always thinking ahead.