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New Legislation Restores Citizenship to ‘Lost Canadians’

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada recently tabled a new bill to modernize the country’s citizenship laws. New legislation will retroactively restore citizenship to the tens of thousands who lost, or never had Canadian citizenship because of several obscure clauses in existing legislation.

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One thought on “New Legislation Restores Citizenship to ‘Lost Canadians’

  1. Terri-Lee J. Bixby

    Hi. Mom, June M. DeLarge, was born in Canada, September 18, 1928. Mom died a Canadian, while living in New York, December 4, 2011. I, Terri-Lee J. Bixby, (married name), am a child born on 12/17/1955 in US, though my mother, June M. DeLarge, was a Canadian Citizen her whole life. Dad, Louis D. Thorne, is not Canadian. I’d like to get my Canadian citizenship for myself & my four daughters, possibly my two sons. Four of my children have their Bachelor’s Degrees, & one has an Associates Degree, & my baby of the family will have her Bachelor’s Degree October 31, 2016. My husband has a 4 yr. Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications, & an Associates Degree in Electrical Technology. Thank you. Sincerely, Terri-Lee J. Bixby.

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