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Home is where your friends and family are: The Manitoba PNP General Stream

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Manitoba’s very successful Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is proof that Manitoba is a destination of choice for those considering immigration to Canada.

Here we take an  in-depth look at the General stream, one of several streams under the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program each having its own eligibility requirements.

First, an eligible candidate is required to meet just one of the following criteria:

• previous full-time work experience in Manitoba (six months minimum)
• completed at least one academic year of education in Manitoba (not including language training programs)
• a close relative in Manitoba who has signed an affidavit of support
• two friends or distant relatives in Manitoba who have each signed an affidavit of support*

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8 thoughts on “Home is where your friends and family are: The Manitoba PNP General Stream

  1. Avatar
    Anju Malhotra

    Good day !

    Are there any sponsors for teaching jobs in Canada ?


  2. Avatar
    Anju Malhotra

    Sorry, it is how do i apply for teaching job in Canada while still being in India?

  3. Avatar
    Anju Malhotra

    How do I apply for teaching job in India while still being in India? Will the Canadian schools appoint a teacher from overseas for their schools? Can I apply for the Provincial teaching certificate while I am in my home country?

  4. Avatar
    Anju Malhotra

    How many more invitations will be issued by Dec.2015?

  5. Avatar
    Anju Malhotra

    By how much will the CRS cut off go down in the coming months ?

  6. Avatar

    Hello how can i find some one for becoming my sponser
    About my application to manitoba skilled worker?

  7. Avatar

    Good day!

    I want to ask if my spouse still have to take the IELTS Test even I, the principal applicant, already took it.
    I also want to ask if you could give me examples of documents that prove proficiency in english.

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Avatar
    jo phel reyes

    how long does the general stream take to process and approve the application?

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