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Canadian Immigration News Briefs for October 2010

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The following is a summary of developments concerning Canadian Citizenship and Immigration that took place or were announced over the last few weeks. 

Canada’s Citizenship Week 2010: Celebrating Canadian Citizenship

In October, Canada celebrated Citizenship Week 2010. It was a time for Canadians to reflect on what it means to be Canadian, and on the responsibilities and rights of citizenship. More than 155,000 newcomers to Canada became Canadian citizens in 2009. These new citizens embrace the Canadian values of human rights, freedom, and democracy. >>Read more….

Quebec leads job creation

In terms of job creation, Quebec has recently demonstrated the best performance in all of North America. While jobs were lost in other parts of Canada during the month of September, more than 14,000 new jobs were created in Quebec. >>Read more…

Canada deemed most asylum seekers from Sri Lanka as legitimate

The government of Canada is considering ways to prevent migrant smuggling because of the arrival in August this year of a ship with almost 500 Sri Lankan asylum seekers on board; however, the Canadian refugee determination process was designed to deal with people seeking asylum by landing on Canada’s shores, fleeing for their lives.  >>Read more…

Federal Internship for Newcomers program announced

The Government of Canada announced yesterday it is launching the Federal Internship for Newcomers program. The program is designed to assist newcomers gain valuable Canadian work experience by affording them the opportunity to acquire some temporary work with the government in accordance with their skill set and training. >>Read more…