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Canadian Immigration News Briefs for Mid-August 2012

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The following is a summary of developments concerning Canadian Citizenship and Immigration that took place or were announced over the last two weeks.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Continues to Expand Settlement Programs

 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has recently issued a call for proposals for new language training, settlement, and resettlement services. Such programs are integral to helping immigrants integrate into their new homes. >>Read more…

New Canadians Sworn in at Largest Diversity Festival

84 immigrants became Canadian citizens at the Heritage Days festival in Edmonton, Alberta. >>Read more…

CIC Launches National Consultations on Immigration

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched a series of consultations across the country to discuss issues concerning immigration. The series will be conducted by CIC’s Parliamentary Secretaries, Chungsen Leung and Rick Dykstra.  >>Read more…



25 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration News Briefs for Mid-August 2012

  1. Avatar
    osilaja wasiu

    i love canada

  2. Avatar
    victor peres

    hello cohen Newsettlers

    i just want to say to the Minister jason keny to be considerate the way they treats caregivers employees in canada is inhuman in the international law caregivers some of them worked for
    tiredlessy taking care of old ones,less prevelage home, orphanages,and other homes across
    canada, jason keny should use his office to put a policy to issues their permanent resident and work permit instantly within 4months keeping human being for 10month or 18 months is
    slavery some of them has not seen their family of children for years of the caregiver program
    the job should not be keeping them as a slave without given the thepermanent residence
    or work permit( listen very carefull with the parliament goverment of canada should immediately change that policy of using workers and take time to issue them their work or residence permit their should not be discrimantion with skilled or unskilled because they all pay tax for development of the economy to thequota please this democarcy canada goverment should be example to world with there in human and slavery polices with all the atcticles i saw
    and studied.

  3. Avatar

    Life in Canada like a dream for me and I hope that my dream comes true

  4. Avatar
    jimohda wasiu

    please i so much intrested of living and study in canada,i will be so much gratefull if this oportunity comes, thanks god bless canada.

  5. Avatar

    Its great that yor news letter update us. but I hardly se any clear message in these letters…… like it is still not clear what all regulations will be adding in to it and from when CIC will START taking fresh APPLICATIONS

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