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Quebec Completes Picture of Revised Skilled Worker Program

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Following up on last month’s news article, the Quebec Government has released the 2013 list of Areas of Training (domaines de formation) for the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) Program. This list is in effect as of August 1st and includes many significant changes. These new details, in addition to the updated language rules announced last month, now provide a complete picture of the revised Skilled Worker Program for the province of Quebec.

The New Area of Training List

The revised QSW Program continues to use a points-based system. The 2013 Area of Training list, which awards extra points for 146 Areas of Training, is one of the significant revisions to the program. Some of the more notable differences between the previous (2009) and current (2013) lists are outlined in the chart below. Please note that the points indicated are conferred for degrees or diplomas obtained outside of Canada; degrees or diplomas obtained within Canada may receive a different number of points.

Area of Training Points received
prior to August 1, 2013
Points received
as of August 1, 2013
Nursing 12 16
Civil, Construction or Transportation Engineering 6 12
Computer Engineering 6 12
Computer Support 6 12
Dental Hygiene Techniques 0 6
Industrial Engineering Technology 0 6

The list also includes several new Areas of Training which did not previously receive extra points, such as Mineral Technology (6 points) and Banking and Financial Operations (6 points), to name a few.

What this means for Applicants

“This is fantastic news for nurses,” says Attorney David Cohen. “They were left off the occupation list for the Federal Skilled Worker Program this year, but the increase in points for this Area of Training demonstrates that the province of Quebec still has its doors open for nurses. However,” he added, “there is still a cap on the intake of applications, so interested applicants should apply as soon as possible.”

Computer engineers and civil engineers also benefit from a more accessible QSW program. While computer and civil engineers are also on the Federal list of occupations, the overall cap accepted by Quebec is much higher than the Federal cap, and the caps for the latter program are filling fast. As these two professions now receive 12 points for their Area of Training, many more applicants may be eligible for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program without needing to submit the results of a French test with their application.

The new Area of Training list continues to demonstrate that the province is targeting foreign skilled workers whose academic qualifications will help them find work in the occupations which are in greatest demand in Quebec.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program Moving Forward

The much anticipated Quebec announcement has provided many skilled workers with a way to come to Canada and become permanent residents. The QSW Program revisions are great news for nurses, computer engineers, civil engineers, and the other 143 professions on the Area of Training list. The QSW Program is also now an option for applicants from many other backgrounds, even those who do not get extra points for their Area of Training.

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