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David’s Blog: A Just Society?

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When the Canadian Constitution Act was signed in 1982, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms became law. It was the magnum opus in the career of then-Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Before the Charter became a signature part of Canadian life and over the years after it became law, Canada had justifiably earned unprecedented levels of international respect. >>Read more . . .



2 thoughts on “David’s Blog: A Just Society?

  1. Bill Pierce

    It’s unfortunate, but fear tends to bring out the worst in us. We circle the wagons and question the “other” in our society. When militants abroad wrap themselves in the cloak of fundamentalism and commit barbaric atrocities against Westerners, and when individuals claiming affiliation with these beliefs attack such cherished Canadian icons as the Parliament building, it disturbs many of us. We too quickly tend to associate those who openly display symbols of their religion with those who have been perverted by it, without considering the larger context.

    It’s entirely right and proper to note that our own principles include diversity, acceptance and tolerance of all of those whom we have accepted into our country, but that goes only so far in mitigating the fear that is also in our midst. One can only hope that as it has in the past, our better nature will eventually prevail.

  2. mepha31

    thank you

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