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David’s Blog: From Double Trouble to Double-Double

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Whatever might be said about Canada’s new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (don’t you just love that title?), nobody can deny that he has so far rolled up his sleeves.

Minister John McCallum, along with the new health and defence ministers, travelled to Amman, Jordan last week to visit the biggest refugee camp in the region and see Canada’s processing centre. And all this while his department has kept things ticking over on the economic immigration and family reunification files. >>Read more . . .

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One thought on “David’s Blog: From Double Trouble to Double-Double

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    Syrian refugees reluctant to resettle in Canada immediately, Ottawa says ..true….Being from that region, last few days I talked to many Syrians and asked them if they need to come to Canada, but they told me that they don’t. They heard that Canada is very far and cold with huge unemployment rate (no jobs particularly in Quebec). Some said countries like Germany, France , and Holland are much better and closer to their back-home. Some said that life in Canada is not compatible with their conservative Islamic values and they scare about their kids being lost in the Western habits and culture. I don’t understand yet why Liberal politicians including the Immigration minister John McCallum are encouraging and providing incentives to Syrian people to leave their region, climate , and settle in different country that is thousands of miles far away from their homeland. Maybe there is a long term plan to deport Syrians from Middle East..!!!!!!!

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