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Two People Charged with Immigration Fraud in Canada

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Candidates for immigration to Canada encouraged to perform due diligence on representatives

After this week’s news that two people are facing seven charges each for allegedly acting as unauthorized immigration consultants and committing fraud in Regina, Saskatchewan, individuals are being encouraged to ensure that their immigration representative has the proper authorization to act on their behalf.

A large number of individuals immigrating to Canada choose to hire an immigration lawyer or consultant to represent them to the authorities and/or offer advice throughout the process. Services may include the proper preparation and submission of documents and forms, as well as representation to the government of Canada and/or provincial governments on behalf of the client.

The latest case of immigration fraud

It is alleged that, between 2007 and 2013, the two Regina residents gave false job offer documents to foreign nationals. Officials claim the accused targeted people applying for permanent residence in Canada. If convicted, the individuals could be made to pay up to $100,000 in fines and could be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison.

This incident is the latest in a series of cases of immigration fraud that have become public over recent months.

  • In January, 2016, it was found that a man in Halifax, Nova Scotia had helped thousands pretend they were in Canada to get around citizenship rules.
  • Last year, a man in Vancouver was found to have produced altered passports and fraudulent identities for up to 1,200 individuals.
  • Earlier in 2015, three Toronto residents were charged with acting as unauthorized immigration consultants and providing false information to clients and government officials.
  • Another Toronto resident was charged with defrauding more than $2.3 million from 600 prospective Filipino immigrants who had paid up to $10,000 each for assistance in coming to Canada as temporary foreign workers.

While law enforcement authorities have been successful in discovering cases of fraud such as those highlighted above, it is entirely possible that other unscrupulous individuals currently remain undetected. Therefore, individuals wishing to come to Canada on a permanent or temporary basis are encouraged to perform background checks on representatives who offer services, by asking the following questions:

Is this representative authorized to represent me?

Unless an individual is authorized to do so, it is illegal for him or her to charge another person for representation on a Canadian immigration file.

  • Lawyers or notaries must be a member of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society, or the Chambre des notaires du Québec.
  • Citizenship or immigration consultants must be a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).
  • Paralegals (Ontario only) must be members of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

The government of Canada states that “If they [the representative] are not members in good standing, you should not use their services.” Most law societies let you check online to see if a person is a member in good standing.

What is this representative’s track record?

Once it has determined whether the potential representative is authorized to represent them or offer advice, individuals interested in hiring a representative are encouraged to conduct research into that representative’s prior record in the field.

Is this job offer legitimate?

Some individuals posing as immigration representatives may send what appear to be job offers to people who have contacted them regarding immigration to Canada or work in Canada. Unfortunately, there have been many fraudulent schemes circulating on the internet, and scammers have been known to impersonate lawyers, companies, and even government officials. Individuals who receive job offers that they have reason to suspect may be fraudulent are encouraged to consult a third party, such as an authorized representative and/or the company in question directly, with regard to the job offer’s authenticity.

Ensuring safety, transparency and fairness

“Stories such as the one from Saskatchewan this week are disturbing, to say the least,” says Attorney David Cohen.

“People who wish to immigrate to Canada or come here on a temporary basis have made a major life decision that often involves uprooting a family or leaving a job abroad. They deserve honesty and fairness, which is the opposite of what these fraudsters provide.”

To learn more about authorized legal services for immigration to Canada, please click here.

If you suspect immigration fraud has taken place or may be taking place, please consult this page from the government of Canada on steps that may be taken to report the incident(s).

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9 thoughts on “Two People Charged with Immigration Fraud in Canada

  1. Avatar
    Marie 22

    What if a representative lied about submitting your application. Then your status is expired after you become aware of the situation. What do you do? if they claim they can make it right because they don’t want to give refund….

  2. Avatar

    Respected sir/madam. Simplejit Kaur D/O Harbans Singh has been applied in Quebec skilled worker program in the catagory of nursing 2014.She has not have a experience in her profession and she attached a fake experience certificate along with her application and she is paying a handsome amount to the owner of Nagpal Hospital Bathinda Punjab (India). She never went to the hospital because she was teaching full time in American institute Mansa Punjab (India) now she is doing a full time job in IELTS institute near bus stand Mansa Punjab (India) simultaneously she has been showing her attendance from the beginning in Nagpal Hospital Bathinda Punjab India even she never went there.Kindly verify her experience physically​. Thanks.

  3. Avatar
    Landmark Immigration

    Thanks for sharing a great info

  4. Avatar
    Rohit Thaker

    Illegal marriage -immigration

    I have a question about the law governing the Vetting of application of secondary spouse ,who come here as a student and then get married and then leave the primary applicant spouse in less than a year . While this is kind of a fraud , if abusing spouse continues the further legal abuse by employing high powered lawyers and alleging principal spouse of “artificially created fraud” . Also then societal issues such as “traditions of xxx religions are ignored ” and the society members are not even consulted while examining the cases,
    Secondly the interview process is not done directly with the abusing spouse (not vetted and may have narcissistic tendency). Such anti-social elements have created threat to society in Canada . They bring laundered money here beyond the income they earn.
    How do you want to punish the guy ,the processes are taking long time . This is indirect punishment to abused. Can CIC state 60 days maximum to resolve the issue and find fraudulent party …


  5. Avatar

    Hi..i am victimized by a fraud marriage by my ex wife.She mispresented that she has never been married .Meantime it is dicovered that she was married with 100% proof. I reported seriously to CIC with attached documents.So far nothing happened.She is walking like a king in Canada now.
    Not taking action is a good exaple for others to commit more frauds.Please , as we are Canadans we have to protect the country and punish the criminals .

  6. Avatar

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Kindly request you to pls advise, if a husband/wife can apply & get PR in canada without any informing to his/her spouse.

  7. Avatar

    Hi I got very good evidence from a company who is hired illegals people working in her building
    She pays only cash. I was working from this company she just fired because she only wants to paid 10 dls by hr I tried to make the report because I got pics and addresses but they don’t do anything. Thanks

  8. Avatar
    Bharathidasan N

    Hii sir, im bharathidasan from india . I have the qualification and document for express entry, I have CRS 370 points. whether this point is eligible for express entry and suppose the points are reducing now days , when I can expect the decresae of point selection .so sent thus information as soon as possible .thanking you

  9. Avatar
    Ahmet sopi

    Am workhause am work 15 yers in kosovo i want come to work in canada i have 4 chidren here in kosovo no work i dont have work my children dont have nothing to eat plase plase for my children i wont work 24 h for my children we dont have any thing am wait any news fromyou i have my wife and 4 children i love canada

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