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David’s Blog: Now is the time for action

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It is exactly nine months this week since the Liberal government took office. In that time, their efforts on a number of immigration-related files have been admirable. Notably, the efforts to take in many thousands of Syrian refugees over the course of the winter was a welcome change from the previous incumbents of the government benches. There are, however, certain areas that demand attention, none more so than the indefinite detention without charges of foreign nationals in provincial prisons. [Read more . . .]

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One thought on “David’s Blog: Now is the time for action

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    My name is Mohamed, I came to Canada in july 4th 2012. I applied a refugee claim based in both political persecution reason and sexual orientation. My claim was accepted by the refuge section of CIC on April 8th in Montreal. I submitted permanent residency application to CIC Vegreville on October 2014. Until now they never replied. I hired a lawyer to speak on my behalf. They are still not issuing any results after i provided all requirements they have been asked. Now i live into this beautiful country 1499 days. With the Bill C-6 I hope that i will find again my hope and dream to be a part of a great and generous nation.
    I was dying, I felt that i lost everything, dreams hopes family and souvenirs but Bill C-6 gave me back hope. I learned English in Toronto and I am improving it. I did most of my university studies in France so My first language is French. I have a master in planing and geography from Université du Maine at Le Mans, France. I am Thinking to go back to school to do a law degree or public relations. My goal or professional project is to become a diplomat. Working in communities, empowering nations through multilateral relation is my passion.
    With Bill C-6 i can achieve my potential. With Bill C-6 I can promote a Canadian country that’s open to the opportunities and ready to compete into the growing global technology market.
    Vive la diversité! Vive le Canada!

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