Québec : 162 travailleurs qualifiés invités par l’entremise du portail Arrima

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Published: November 22, 2019

The Minister of Immigration, Francisation and Integration (MIFI) invited 162 people to submit an application for selection under the Regular Program for Quebec Skilled Workers (PRTQ) during two invitation exercises held in October.

Details of the invitation exercises that took place on October 23 and October 29 were released today.

On October 23, the MIFI invited 89 people to apply for permanent selection. These candidates were chosen based on the needs of the labor market in Quebec.

The candidates invited during this selection exercise were among the approximately 16,000 PRTQ candidates whose initial application was canceled due to Quebec's immigration reforms. Immigration Bill 9 was passed in the National Assembly on June 16, 2019.

In addition, they were either exempt from the cap that was in place when they first applied for the PRTQ, or they resided in Quebec with a study or work permit on June 16, 2019.

All people who met these conditions and who had submitted an expression of interest in the Arrima portal were invited on October 23.

Similarly, on October 29, 2019, the province invited 73 candidates to submit an application for permanent selection.

People invited to this exercise had to have a valid job offer.

Invitations have also been sent to foreign nationals staying in Quebec to perform official duties. These officials include, among others, diplomats, consular officials, representatives of an intergovernmental agency or organization, or of the United Nations.

Since July 4, the province has invited 1,757 PRTQ candidates who had submitted an expression of interest in the Arrima portal .

What is Arrima?

Arrima was launched in 2018 to facilitate the management of the PRTQ candidate bank. This is a computerized expression of interest (EOI) system that replaced the paper-based system that was on a first-come, first-served basis.

Quebec's DI system manages the bank of candidates who want to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) — a certificate that is required to be able to apply for permanent residence in the province through the PRTQ.

Candidates express their interest by creating a profile in Arrima, which is then placed in the pool of candidates and ranked according to a specific score or selection criteria.

Subsequently, the Quebec Immigration Department issues CSQs based on the scores received by applicants as well as other factors such as labor needs in rural areas of the province.

Candidates who receive a CSQ can then submit an application for permanent residence to the Department of Immigration of Canada who examines the medical and criminal history in order to confirm their admissibility.

If you have received an invitation to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate, you can email qcita@canadavisa.com for next steps regarding your application.

Check if you are eligible for the Regular Quebec Skilled Worker Program

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