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Caregivers hold hands with boy in wheelchair.

Canada still accepting Home Support Worker Pilot applications

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Caregivers hold hands with boy in wheelchair.

Canada is still accepting applications for permanent residence under the Home Support Worker Pilot.

The Canadian government webpage says it has not reached the cap for the pilot. The webpage will be updated if and when the government closes the pilot to new applications in 2020.

Another pilot that was launched in tandem last summer, the Home Child Care Provider Pilot, has been filled. There were 2,750 applications submitted under this pilot. Applications will reopen on January 1, 2021.

People who already submitted applications to either pilot do not need to contact the immigration department. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will send notification letters to applicants once processing begins. IRCC says it may take longer than usual to send the letter because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Find out if you’re eligible for Canadian immigration

These two five-year pilot programs let qualified caregivers and their family members come to Canada and apply for permanent residence.

Foreign nationals who have been offered jobs as caregivers in Canada may be able to apply for immigration through one of these pilots.

The application process will be different for each applicant depending on their situation, and qualifying work experience.

Qualifying work experience could mean having full time work experience as either a child care provider, or a home support worker. Experience as foster parents, or housekeepers does not count.

How does the process work?

People who already have at least 24 months of qualifying work experience may be eligible to apply for the pilot program that is relevant to their field. Applicants will need to provide proof that they have this work experience.

As long as interested candidates meet other eligibility requirements, they may not need the full 24 months of work in order to apply.

Interested candidates who want to work as home support workers in Canada can now apply, but those who want to work a child care providers must apply next year.

While applying, candidates must submit a work permit application along with the application for permanent residence.

If candidates meet the requirements, they will receive a temporary work permit. This permit is an occupation- restricted open work permit, which allows holders to work as caregivers for any employer as long as they are not blacklisted by the government.

Once candidates get the required 24 months of work experience, they can send in the proof of experience and Canada will make a final decision on their application.

Find out if you’re eligible for Canadian immigration

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