Five benefits of Canadian citizenship

Shelby Thevenot
Published: April 5, 2022

There are a number of good reasons to transition from permanent residence to Canadian citizenship.

Beyond the security and pride that comes with citizenship, there are some advantages that are not available to permanent residents.

Here are five benefits to getting Canadian citizenship.

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No need to renew status

Most PR cards are valid for just five years. In that time, it is possible to meet the residency requirement for citizenship. Permanent residents need to be physically present in Canada for 1,095 days out of the past five years before applying.

Once you are a citizen, there is no need to renew your citizenship status. Citizenship certificates are valid indefinitely.

More job opportunities

Canadian citizens are able to apply for jobs that are not available for permanent residents. Certain government jobs and some jobs that require security clearances are only available to Canadian citizens.

Better protection against losing status

It is possible for permanent residents to be deported no matter how long they have lived in Canada.

There are only a few circumstances in which citizenship status can be revoked. According to Canadian law, a person's citizenship can be taken away if it was obtained by false representation, fraud, or knowingly concealing material circumstances. Other reasons to revoke citizenship relate to security, human or international rights violations, or organized crime.

The right to vote

Canadian citizens can vote in all elections. They can also run for office and represent constituents on issues that are important to Canadians.

Canadian passport

Citizens get access to the Canadian passport. Many countries allow Canadian passport holders to enter without a visa for certain purposes.

Canada also recognizes dual citizenship. If your country of birth also recognizes dual citizenship, then you may be able to hold two passports. If your country does not allow dual citizenship, then you may wish to analyze the pros and cons of choosing one passport over the other.


About 86% of Canadian permanent residents become citizens, one of the highest rates among western countries. Although, in recent years the citizenship uptake has been declining, Statistics Canada reports.

When permanent residents become Canadian citizens, it benefits both themselves and the country at large. It gives immigrants the right to vote, enables them to have political influence, and studies suggest it may improve immigrants' economic opportunities.

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