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Reuniting with your loved ones through Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program Every year, Canada uses the Parents and Grandparents program to allow Canadians to sponsor loved ones living abroad. This year, it could be your turn.

Canada places an immense priority on reuniting family members through immigration. That is why the family class is consistently Canada’s second-largest group of immigrants. In the first half (Jan-July) of 2022, 51,745 immigrants came to this country through family-class programs.


From tech to trucking to health care: Canada’s most in-demand jobs for skilled immigrants and refugees What’s your Canadian dream?

This moment in the Canadian labour market is like few in the country’s history. Skilled immigrants and refugees, along with their knowledge, talents and experience, are in high demand in every part of Canada. Numerous sectors are looking for employees who can help their businesses grow, innovate and deliver critical services to their clients.