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Conservatives Positioning Themselves As The New “Party For Immigrants”

The Liberal Party of Canada always faired well with Immigrant Canadians, however Harper’s Conservative government is attempting to challenge conventional wisdom and position itself as Canada’s new “Party for Immigrants”. The Party is putting serious effort behind its attempt to win over the hearts and minds of ethnic Canadian voters. In fact, since being in […]


The new!

This month marks the launch of the new! The good folks here at Campbell Cohen have been working hard to release the newest version of Canada ‘s ‘unofficial’ monthly immigration newsletter. The new website has been completely re-designed from the ground up. We’ve made it easier to use, have included a comprehensive search function, […]


The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) calling for changes to immigration system

Letter by the CCA requests the Federal Government look closely at improving Canada ‘s immigration system with “meaningful reform” facilitating entry into Canada ‘s booming construction industry. Construction is the single largest industry sector in Canada and it is also experiencing the greatest unfilled labour demand. According to the Construction Sector Council, in the next […]


Goverment asked to stop all deportations of all undocumented workers

The House of Commons committee (HCC) on citizenship and immigration is calling on the Federal Government of Canada to stop all deportations of undocumented workers until a new immigration policy is established. Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Ed Komarnicki has filed a recusant report in response to the HCC official request, stating that the proposed […]


Immigration and evacuation in Lebanon

CIC continues to process immigration applications to Canada while the Government evacuates Canadian Citizens. The Canadian Visa Office in Beirut , Lebanon , will remain open with regular business hours. However, the office hours are subject to change given the severity of the situation. Previously submitted applications for permanent residence will continue to be processed. […]


David Cohen’s Blog: Playing Matchmaker

People marry for all kinds of reasons. Love. Money. Companionship. A better life. Most of the time, the decision to marry is complex and involves multiple reasons. Who could possibly state with conviction that they know exactly why another person decided to tie the knot? Read Full Blog on…


David Cohen’s Blog: Corralled and Sent Home

Over the Canada Day long weekend, I wrote a letter to the Montreal Gazette in response to their editorial about Yves Bourbonnais, the former Immigration and Refugee Board appeals division judge who has pleaded guilty of receiving bribes. I’d like to elaborate on a few of the points I raised in the Gazette. Read Full […]