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    Does IRCC look at my social media?
    Social media on a cellphone
    How IRCC works with other departments to process applications
    IRCC and the CBSA share responsibility for IRPA.
    How your family member can make you inadmissible to Canada
    family walking
    Returning to Canada: Immigration checklist and best practices
    A blank passport and model airplane placed on top of a permit. Read on your guide to returning to Canada after the holidays.
    Supreme Court of Canada determines that a person can only be inadmissible to Canada if they are a threat to national security
    Supreme Court of Canada
    How to request your Canadian immigration GCMS notes
    A hammer and gavel placed above a laptop.
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    Exploring the state of immigration detention in Canada
    Officer arresting man, handcuffs on the man's arms with hands behind his back
    Saving time upon arrival to Canada with an Advance CBSA Declaration
    Municipal airport building and hangars with a Canada flag against a blue cloudy summer sky
    How Canada uses personal information collected at the border on immigration applications
    Roche Harbor - United States of America and Canada Flags Hang From the Dock
    Do I need a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) to enter Canada?
    U.S. tourists: Your options if you are inadmissible to Canada
    US tourists inadmissible
    Canadians not in a rush to reopen border
    Canada U.S. Border
    More essential workers may be allowed across border
    Canada-U.S. borders signs
    Vaccine passports may become a reality as G7 countries commit to collaborate
    Packing a face mask for a vacation
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    Canadian permanent resident deported due to serious criminality after serving sentence
    Federal court of Canada
    Canada’s COVID-19 test requirements on incoming travellers
    Man takes COVID-19 test at border
    Coronavirus test required for travellers crossing Canada-U.S. land border
    Canada-U.S. land border crossing
    Man sentenced for forging documents to enter Canada illegally
    A man has plead guilty for misrepresentation at the Canada-U.S. border.
    Travellers to Canada will now need a negative COVID-19 test
    Travellers will need PCR test before travelling to Canada
    Canada releases new details on how traveller information is collected at the border
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