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    Which Canadian industries may require a criminal record check for employment?
    Close-up Of Human Hand Filling Criminal Background Check Application Form With Pen
    Do I need a police certificate when applying for Express Entry?
    Lawyer working for consultant concept Judge gavel with justice lawyer businessman in suit or working on documents Law, advice and justice.
    Common offenses that can make you inadmissible to Canada
    Edmonton skyline
    Your options to overcome inadmissibility to Canada
    Woman stares a departure board in airport.
    Travelling to Canada with a criminal record for hunting season
    How to return to Canada after being asked to leave
    If you have been asked to leave Canada, you may be able to obtain an ARC
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    Frequently Asked Questions on Inadmissibility to Canada
    Canada USA border
    Can I enter Canada if I have a criminal record, but I’m a performing artist?
    artist on stage
    Can you return to Canada after committing a crime in Canada?
    Three Canadian flags blowing in the wind near skyscrapers
    Common offenses that make people inadmissible to Canada
    Will Canadian border services officers ask about your criminal record?
    Canadian border
    How to visit Canada this summer even if you have a criminal record
    Beach on Vancouver Island
    Applying for Canadian permanent residence with a criminal record
    Alberta lake and mountain landscape
    Planning a winter vacation in Canada? What to do with a past criminal record
    Canadian winter landscape
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    How to return to Canada after being ordered to leave
    Gaspe region in Canada
    I got a DUI years ago. Can I visit Canada?
    I got a DUI years ago
    Deported from the USA. Can I come to Canada?
    Canada U.S. flags
    Applying for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) with a criminal record
    Driving into Canada with a past DUI? Here is how you can apply for a waiver
    driving to canada with dui waiver
    Can you visit Canada with a DUI?
    Police car
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