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    IRCC’s action plan to address the permanent residence application backlog
    CIC News has obtained IRCC's timeline to address recommendations from a recent OAG report on the backlog of PR applications.
    How long will it take to become a permanent resident of Canada in 2024?
    The cold emerald water of the lake Two Jack reflect the surrounding mountains.
    How your spouse or partner may be able to join you in Canada sooner than expected
    A young couple in love sitting on the sofa in the living room at home, eating popcorn, covered with a blanket and watching a movie on the projector.
    Will a divorce or annulment of my marriage end my Canadian sponsorship undertaking?
    Couple in lawyer office
    Canada’s Auditor General releases a report on IRCC’s permanent residence backlogs
    Canada's OAG has released findings of an audit on IRCC's backlog.
    Canada’s work permit pathways for dependent children of age
    A group of people hiking through a trail in a Canadian forrest.
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    Canada’s commitment to reuniting families and keeping them together
    IRCC processing spousal TRVs in 30 days with a 90% approval rate
    Couple reunites in an airport.
    Canada family sponsorship: Open Work Permits now also available for outland applications
    Happy family with a puppy
    Open-work permits available for spouses, partners and children of sponsors
    How Canada has advanced its commitment to family reunification so far in 2023
    How to sponsor your family for Canadian immigration
    What does it mean to sign an undertaking for family class sponsorship?
    If you sponsor a family member to come to Canada, you will have to sign an undertaking
    Reuniting with your loved ones through Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program
    family walking together
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    How to apply for the Super Visa
    Family with parents and grandparents hugging
    What are the benefits of the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP)?
    Holding grandpa's hand
    What is the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP)?
    Grandparent with parent and grandchild
    How to sponsor your spouse and children for Canadian immigration
    IRCC holds Parents and Grandparents Program 2021 sponsorship lottery
    pgp 2021 lottery
    How to sponsor your spouse from Lebanon for Canadian immigration
    Lebanon countryside
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