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    How IRCC works with other departments to process applications
    IRCC and the CBSA share responsibility for IRPA.
    Are there any specific medical conditions that will make me inadmissible to Canada? 
    Smiling young female doctor psychologist consulting woman in modern clinic interior
    How your family member can make you inadmissible to Canada
    family walking
    Changes to Canada’s inadmissibility fees starting December 1st, 2023
    Canadian flag over Quebec city
    Celebrities like the Fugees denied entry to Canada: The importance of applying to overcome inadmissibility
    The Fugees
    Common offenses that can make you inadmissible to Canada
    Edmonton skyline
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    How you can overcome inadmissibility if you wish to enter Canada
    Montreal skyline
    The security screening process for Canadian immigration
    Canadian flag
    Understanding why some people might not be allowed in Canada and ways to overcome inadmissibility
    Man dressed in suit shaking hands with another person across a table. There is paper and a pen between them and there is also a gavel on the table.
    Three ways to overcome your criminal inadmissibility to Canada
    What are police clearances certificates for Canadian immigration?
    Travelling to Canada with a criminal record for hunting season
    Canada has lifted COVID-19 vaccine mandates for all travellers including those with criminal records
    You may be able to enter Canada with a criminal record
    How to return to Canada after being asked to leave
    If you have been asked to leave Canada, you may be able to obtain an ARC
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    Inadmissibility: How to transit through Canada
    Woman looks at board at airport
    Entering Canada with a felony conviction
    It may still be possible to enter Canada with a criminal record
    How to overcome inadmissibility to Canada
    Canadian and American Flag
    Can I enter Canada if I work in the airline industry and have a criminal record?
    airline workers
    Common offenses that make people inadmissible to Canada
    Will Canadian border services officers ask about your criminal record?
    Canadian border
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