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    Landed immigrants from Africa and Asia see highest employment rates in Canada
    A multiracial group of workers at an office space. Asian and African landed immigrants showed strong performances in the labour market, however segmenting this data by age reveals interesting insights.
    The trends of immigrant employment in Canada
    Gender Equality Week: How Canada promotes equality for all newcomers
    A diverse group of friends.
    Canada’s Premiers want more control over immigration like Quebec
    Winnipeg skyline
    How are immigrant women faring in Canada’s workforce?
    Immigrant women face some significant obstacles as they start new careers in Canada.
    IRCC announces additional funding for Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot Program
    IRCC has announced funding for the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot Program
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    Statistics Canada data shows that immigrants have a high rate of employment
    Recent Labour Force Survey shows unemployment rate is the same as September
    Employment rises as Canada’s labour force shrinks slightly
    A photo of a desk and people gathered around it. In September Canada made more positive strides towards returning to pre-pandemic business activity
    Canadian job vacancies have reached another all-time high
    Canada's job vacancies reached 5.7% in the second quarter of 2022
    Canadian job vacancies continue climbing to new record heights in June
    keyboard with Canadian flag and job replacing two buttons
    Canada still has over one million job vacancies
    Canada has over one million job vacancies
    4 tips to achieve career success as a new immigrant to Canada
    Canada’s unemployment rate drops below 5%, the lowest in Canadian history
    Help wanted sign
    Overall job vacancies in Canada continue to increase
    virtual job interview
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    Canada’s high job vacancy rate means immigration will be even more critical to the labour market in the future
    Young Canadians working in an office
    Canada sees record-high job vacancies in the first quarter of 2022
    Employer and candidate in a job interview.
    Canada’s unemployment rate down to record-low 5.1%
    Engineer stands outside at job site.
    Canada reports over 1 million job vacancies
    Alberta lifts restrictions on temporary foreign workers
    Canada’s employment growth slows in January due to Omicron
    Sign on cafe window that reads, "temporarily CLOSED Covid-19".
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