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    How your spouse or partner may be able to join you in Canada sooner than expected
    A young couple in love sitting on the sofa in the living room at home, eating popcorn, covered with a blanket and watching a movie on the projector.
    How does my spouse or common-law partner impact my CRS score?
    A couple takes a selfie on Moraine lake.
    How a spousal open work permit can allow you to work in Canada
    couple sitting together
    How Canada is modernizing the submission system for spousal and common-law partner sponsorship programs
    man and woman standing together smiling while woman looks at computer on table
    Getting married this summer? How to sponsor your spouse for Canadian immigration
    Bride and groom kissing at sunset
    Canadians sponsored spouses the most from these 10 countries in 2021
    The hands of two newly-weds latched to each other's pinky fingers.
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    How to apply for a Canadian spousal open work permit
    Couple posing at work in restaurant
    How your Canadian spouse can sponsor you for immigration
    Couple viewing a laptop. The man is sitting on a white couch, and the woman has her arms around him, standing behind the couch. Both are smiling.
    How to sponsor your spouse from South Africa
    Aerial view of Cape Town in South Africa.
    How to sponsor your spouse from the UAE
    How to sponsor your spouse from Pakistan
    Couple in a park
    How to sponsor your spouse from Nigeria
    Nigerian couple
    How to sponsor your spouse from the Philippines
    Beach in the Philippines
    How to sponsor your spouse from Hong Kong for Canadian immigration
    A bride is facing the camera as she leans on her groom, who is facing the trees behind them.
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    How to sponsor your spouse from Lebanon for Canadian immigration
    Lebanon countryside
    Canada expanding processing capacity to expedite family reunion
    The "Big Fiddle" near the Sydney, Nova Scotia, harbour.
    Canada accepts spousal or common-law sponsorship applications from out-of-status foreign nationals
    A couple holding hands under the sunset.
    How to sponsor your partner for Canadian immigration from inside Canada
    Couple standing in the shade of trees, holding each other
    How Canadians can sponsor their spouse from abroad
    Couple smiling, pointing at colonial architecture
    International couples face immigration processing delays
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