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    Canada’s non-permanent resident population is 2.2 million people
    Statistics Canada has released new data on the number of NPRs.
    How long does it take for Canada to process visa applications from India?
    A picture of a Canadian visa
    Canada introducing visa-free travel to 13 countries
    Immigration minister Sean Fraser has made an announcement about visa-free travel to Canada.
    Canada to extend Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel
    Canada is announcing updates to its Ukraine immigration measures.
    IRCC and Canada’s provinces continue working together to welcome Ukrainians
    Canada is continuing its work to welcome Ukrainian newcomers.
    How CSQ holders can extend their stay in Canada
    Montreal skyline
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    Canada providing charter flights to facilitate the arrival of Ukrainian refugees
    Ukraine crisis: Canada opens to unlimited number of Ukrainian immigrants
    Ukraine Flag
    IRCC extends Interim Authorization to Work policy for TRVs in Canada until February 2023
    Employers interviewing a candidate for a job offer.
    Options to stay in Canada after your PGWP expires
    Woman posing in Gaspé region in Canada
    Visitors in Canada continue to have access to work permits
    Smiling foreign worker
    IRCC asks travellers to resubmit visitor visa application if sent before September 7
    Travel bag
    Reunite with your family in Canada
    Family gathered in kitchen
    How to extend your stay as a visitor in Canada
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    IRCC no longer automatically extending deadlines for incomplete immigration applications
    IRCC no longer automatically extending deadlines
    Visitors have more time to apply for work permits within Canada
    Canadian flag flapping in the wind in front of a building
    Immigration Canada provides processing timelines during COVID
    Immigration Processing Times Update
    Canada offers more immigration assistance to Lebanon
    Extending your stay in Canada during the coronavirus pandemic
    Canada expands special measures to include visa applicants affected by coronavirus outbreak in Iran and South Korea
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