Didn’t get an invitation for the PGP 2023? Consider the Super Visa as an alternative

Julia Hornstein
Published: October 24, 2023

If you did not receive an invitation to apply under the Parents and Grandparents Program 2023 between October 10th and 23rd, you might want to consider applying for the Super Visa.

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Parents and grandparents of Canadians can stay in Canada for an extended period of time with the Super Visa.

The Super Visa is a temporary visa that allows parents and grandparents to visit their family in Canada for up to 5 consecutive years without having to renew their visitor status. Those with a Super Visa already will also be able to apply for an extension that may enable them to remain in Canada as a visitor for up to 7 years. In addition, parents and grandparents who have a Super Visa can enter Canada multiple times for up to 10 years.

The benefit of the Super Visa is that is available year-round. It is also ideal for parents and grandparents living in countries that require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) for entry into Canada. With the Super Visa, they will be able to travel freely between Canada and their country of residence with the need to re-apply for a TRV.

Who can apply for the Super Visa?

In order to apply for the Super Visa, an applicant must be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. They will need to provide proof of this relationship, such as with a birth certificate.

A spouse or common law partner can be included on an application, but a dependent may not.

The applicant must also have a signed letter from their child or grandchild inviting them to Canada. This letter should include:

  • A promise of financial support for the length of the visit
  • The list and number of people in the household of this person
  • A copy of this person’s Canadian citizenship or permanent resident document

The applicant must also show proof of medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company that is:

  • Valid for at least 1 year from the date of entry
  • At least $100,000 of emergency coverage

It is important to note that as of December 7, 2022, it is no longer required that the insurance policy be paid in full when applying for the Super Visa.

Finally, the child or grandchild of the applicant must be able to prove that they can meet the income requirements of the Super Visa, identified by the Low-Income Cut Off (LICO). The purpose of the income requirement is ensure that the child or grandchild is able to financially support their family members.

The proof that the applicant meets the LICO may be in the form of the following documents:

  • Notice of Assessment (NOA) or T4/T1 for the most recent tax year
  • Employment Insurance Stubs
  • An employment letter that includes salary and hire date
  • Pay stubs
  • Bank statements

The final, completed application will be assessed with regard to a number of factors. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will assess the purpose of the visit to Canada and whether the parents or grandparents will maintain sufficient ties to their home country. This can be illustrated by showing family ties, finances, and other connections outside of Canada.

Super Visa applicants will also have to undergo a medical examination.

If the application is approved by IRCC, the visa will be stamped inside the applicant's passport. If the applicant is from a visa-exempt country, IRCC will issue the applicant with a letter to be given to a border services officer upon arrival to Canada.

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