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    Why IRCC may refuse your visitor visa application
    passenger in the airport terminal hall looks at the plane
    Some citizens of Mexico now require a visa to visit Canada
    A Mexican and Canadian flag together in diagonal arrangement.
    Work permit options for TV and film productions in Canada
    Tv production
    Working in Canada as a business visitor
    man standing and smiling at cellphone
    Four common ways to work in Canada without an LMIA under the Canadian interests category
    group of colleagues sitting around table, two colleagues high-fiving eachother
    IT professionals who do not need a Canadian work permit
    Tech training event
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    How to get a work permit as a TV and Film Production worker
    Camera man
    Alberta to create more film and TV jobs
    Director viewing monitor on film set.
    How film and TV production companies can get Canadian work permits
    Filmmaker observing camera
    LMIA-exempt work permits for employers
    Employer examining equipment
    Visitors in Canada continue to have access to work permits
    Smiling foreign worker
    Canada’s TV and film sector booming amid pandemic
    TV and film production in Canada
    Expedited work permits under CUKTCA
    Canada and U.K. flag
    Visitors have more time to apply for work permits within Canada
    Canadian flag flapping in the wind in front of a building
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    More U.S. film productions moving to Canada
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