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    How to improve your IELTS Score?
    A woman is with an examiner from the IELTS test.
    How to become a permanent resident in Canada?
    A teacher and her students preparing for the IELTS.
    Comparing the PTE Core to other IRCC accepted language tests
    Exploring how the PTE compares with other language tests.
    Immigration to Canada: when to take the IELTS test?
    British Council
    Canadian federal court denies work permit based on IELTS score
    Montreal skyline
    IRCC publishes criteria to receive designation as a language testing organization
    IRCC outlines language testing criteria
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    New language tests now accepted for Canada’s Student Direct Stream
    A group of university students sit on the ground with laptops and books.
    Prepare for IELTS by learning English in Canada
    IELTS Writing Task 2: Preparing to write, how to generate ideas
    10 tips for IELTS General Training Writing
    IRCC approves Pearson Test of English for Canadian immigration applications
    Pearson Canada Inc. has been designated by IRCC as a language-testing organization.
    Understanding the IELTS Speaking test
    What is the Student Direct Stream?
    Student in front of a whiteboard with a mike
    Vocabulary: One of the keys to success in IELTS
    woman drinking coffee
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    IELTS: Which test is needed for Canadian permanent residency?
    The cost of creating an Express Entry profile
    Different kinds of Canadian dollars
    How to improve your listening skills for the IELTS Listening test
    IELTS: What is helpful leading up to your test?
    IELTS: Prepare for life in Canada beyond the test
    IELTS General Training Article
    IELTS myths answered, don’t believe everything you hear
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