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    Here’s why the number of temporary workers in Quebec has nearly quadrupled in eight years
    The sun setting over an aerial view of Laval, Quebec, Canada
    The 2024 IEC pool is now open
    A group of young officer workers walk down a corridor. Canada has opened the IEC pool for 2024, allowing youth from multiple countries to arrive and work here.
    Memo details how IRCC plans to support francophone immigration post 2023
    Calgary in the winter
    Canadian federal court reaffirms that IRCC officers do not need to advise applicant about shortcomings in their application
    Canadian parliament building
    What programs deliver the most work permits, and how many newcomers find work in Canada?
    A group of business people pose for a photo. Canada is home to hundreds of thousands of foreign workers critical to the country's labour market.
    Canada’s work permit pathways for dependent children of age
    A group of people hiking through a trail in a Canadian forrest.
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    Canada to introduce new work permit for U.S. H-1B visa holders
    Lululemon’s growth is officially recognized as a significant investment project
    Lululemon store front
    How to come to Quebec as a skilled worker
    Canadian and Quebec flag
    What are my rights as a Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada?
    A person in an airport walking with a rolling bag. Canada welcomes thousands of foreign workers to the country every year.
    Canada sees all-time high work permits take effect in 2022
    A Canadian Visa in passport, with LMIA documentation in the background. In 2022, Canada issued over 600,000 work permits.
    Comparing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program against the International Mobility Program
    two businessmen shaking hands with canadian flag in the background
    How can I get a Canadian Significant Benefit Work Permit?
    Three women in business attire looking at the Camera. The significant work permit is available for those whose work would provide significant benefit to Canada.
    Canada introduces strengthened protections for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
    Canada's TFWs now have strengthened protections
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    What is the Temporary Foreign Worker Program?
    Shaking hands in front of a Canadian flag
    Quebec adds dozens of jobs to 2022 facilitated LMIA process list
    Why more Canadian employers are hiring foreign workers
    Woman hiring woman remotely
    Quebec companies can now hire more temporary foreign workers
    Montreal city-scape, snow on buildings
    Quebec is moving forward with measures to welcome more temporary foreign workers
    Customer service
    Some travellers to Canada can now apply for a work permit at a port of entry
    Travelling to Canada
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