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    Can I sponsor my sibling for Canadian permanent residence?
    Two woman on Lake Louise hold their oars to the sky. While Canada doesn't allow sponsorship of siblings for PR, Canadians do have options to support their sibling's move to Canada.
    IRCC announces new eligibility criteria for Post-Graduation Work Permits
    How many international students transitioned to permanent residence in 2023?
    A multiracial group of friends pose for a photo together. In 2023 Canada welcomed tens of thousands of former international students as new permanent residents of the country. Read on to learn more.
    What you need to know before moving to Ontario
    Skyline - Windsor, Ontario
    What you need to know before moving to British Columbia
    Panoramic View of modern city, Hope, in British Columbia, Canada
    How to pick your university in Canada
    A young person sitting at a desk on their computer.
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    What you need to know before moving to Quebec
    Montreal ferris wheel
    Nigerian students critical to ongoing success of Canada’s international education sector
    Nigerian flag
    Can I extend or renew my Post-Graduation Work Permit? 
    Happy business man listening to a discussion in an office boardroom. Business professional sitting in a meeting with his colleagues.
    Looking to study and immigrate to Canada? In-demand skills may be your best route
    A group of students celebrating the approval of one of their friends.
    IRCC to review the Post-Graduation Work Permit for first time in 10 years
    Group of international students
    IRCC to introduce new automated tools for faster PGWP and work permit extension processing
    A woman looks into a camera with two professional looking people behind her. IRCC is set to introduce new automated tools to assist with PGWP and WP processing.
    Most popular ways to immigrate to Canada from India
    10 key facts international students should know about Canada’s Post Graduation Work Permit
    Students doing work together
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    More international students than ever are using PGWPs as a springboard to Canadian permanent residency
    Student standing with arms out and smiling in front of building in Quebec. Canadian flag in the background.
    Canada breaks record by welcoming over 550,000 new international students in 2022
    A student looking at the camera as peers walk behind him on a college campus.
    What is the Student Direct Stream?
    Student in front of a whiteboard with a mike
    Can I work in Canada as an international student?
    Students studying outside
    What is a Post-Graduation Work Permit?
    IRCC creates transition period for distance learning measures
    Student working at laptop
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