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Work permit program change is great news for international students, Canadian employers
An International Student Graduate
Canadian travel ban exemptions do not override inadmissibility
Renewing work and study permits without flagpoling
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Extending your stay in Canada during the coronavirus pandemic
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Feds address immigration concerns raised by tougher impaired driving sentences
Are NAFTA work permits at risk?
You might already be a Canadian citizen – How to find out
Taking part in a Canadian event this summer? Your role may require a work permit
Canada stiffens sentences for drunk driving, raising new immigration concerns
Canada’s Express Entry system and criminal inadmissibility: What you need to know
A brush with the law can affect your electronic travel authorization for Canada
Six common myths about criminal inadmissibility to Canada
Old offences can cause fresh headaches at the Canadian border
Coming to Canada to hunt or fish this summer? Learn the facts about criminal inadmissibility
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