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Q & A: Opening a Business as a Skilled Worker Applicant

Q. Could anyone please tell me, if it is possible to come to Canada as ‘Independent Immigrant’ and get a business license (software development). Answer: You may create and operate a business in Canada, despite acceptance in the skilled worker program. It should be noted, however, that an intention to operate your own business is […]


Q & A: Supporting Documentation

Q. If one cannot obtain a Reference letter from his X- company from few years back, Can He send a copy of the letter he had received at that time. Answer: As a general rule, yes. The document should contain the information requested by the IAPC, however. In a recent implementation of new policy at […]


Business Cases Submitted in the USA

Effective December 1, 1997 all business category applications (entrepreneur, investor and self-employed) to be processed in the United States must be submitted at the Regional Program Centre in Buffalo. Commencing December 1, all initial processing will occur in Buffalo (file creation, paper-screening, records checks, document referral, etc.). If an interview is required the application will […]


Immigration Report Card – 1996

Immigration Report Card – 1996 IMMIGRATION REPORT CARD – 1996 COMPONENTS PLANNED LEVEL ACTUAL LANDINGS %DIFFERENCE* IMMIGRANTS Immediate Family 47,000 – 51,000 43,149 -15% Parents and Grandparents 31,000 – 34,700 24,417 -30% Total Family 78,000 – 85,700 67,566 -21% Skilled Worker 66,500 – 73,000 97,219 33% Business 18,000 – 20,500 22,363 9% Prov./Terr. Nominees 1,000 […]


Q & A: Application While out of Status

Q. Does being out of Visa Status in the US have a negative effect on a canada PR application? Answer: Immigration policy manuals state that the status of the applicant in the country from which the application is submitted should not affect admissibility. There has, however, been at least one case where an applicant was […]


Q & A: Multiple Intended Occupations

Q. Can I apply the independent PR for the more than one intended occupations? For example, I have sent the two self-assessment sheet of 2 computational occupations (mini/micro-computer specialist, and the programmer of engineering and scientific), for the immigration officer evaluation. Can it be acceptable? Answer: If you have experience consistent with two intended occupations […]


Q & A: Visitor Visa Refusal

Q. Can refusal of PRP (permanent resident application) cause refusal of student authorization? I applied for PRP back in 1995/96. I was refused the PRP only because I did not have enough experience in the job category I applied for. Now, I got admission to Ph.D. program in Canadian Univ., and am granted financial support […]


Pilot Project Extended

Indications at present are that the Pilot Project for Software Professionals has been extended until March of 1998. This project, aimed at countering a perceived shortage of skilled computer professionals in Canada, removes the requirements of validation of job offers in order to obtain employment authorizations for certain computer software related professions. Additional information can […]


Importing a Vehicle into Canada

The Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA) and Regulations require that all Vehicles imported into Canada comply with the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) in effect on the date the vehicle was manufactured. The requirements apply to the following vehicle classes if, when imported, they are less than fifteen (15) years old and to all […]